Central Library

Library is an integral part of any Institute imparting its services to the students, faculty members and other staff members. We assure you to offer the best library services. We shall not leave any stone unturned to achieve the mission of the institute. We promote each student to participate in the development process of the Library.

The JBIT library collectively supports the teaching, research and extension programmers of the institute. The Library, besides having a huge collection of books on Engineering, Science, Technology and Humanities offers Library services through its various divisions. We have attempted to make the JBIT Library a 21st century knowledge based society of tomorrow. JBIT Library shall continue to adapt to challenging new demands and provides a professional and conducive learning atmosphere for the empowerment of its users.

The Library has subscribed for 57 National/ International Journals & Magazine. JBIT Library is the member of DELNET (Developing Library Network) New Delhi. It aims to collect, store, and disseminate information besides offering computerized services to users, to coordinate efforts for suitable collection development and also reduce unnecessary duplication wherever possible.


The Library contributes to the fulfilment of the Institute mission by: Selecting, acquiring, organising, maintaining and making accessible a collection of printed and non-printed, primary and secondary materials that will support the educational, research and public service programmes of both students and the faculty.
Responding to the varying needs of the academic community by involving the faculty, the students and the administration in the development and periodic assessment of the library services and resources.

Providing library users with point-of-use instruction, personal assistance in conducting literature research and other reference services

Providing an environment conducive to the optimum use of library materials and an appropriate schedule of hours of service and professional assistance.

Participating in overall computing resources plan and providing for full library utilization of automation technology.

Contact Librarian

Mr. Kishor Bhatt Designation: LIBRARIAN Qualification: M.Sc. (Chemistry), M. Lib. Experience : 12 YEAR Contact No : 0135-2698880/09412413057 Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Periodical Section

All the newspapers, magazines, journals come under this section. JBIT library is subscribing 7 daily newspapers (3 English & 3 Hindi), 1 weekly newspaper, 16 magazines and more than 57 hard copy journals of various disciplines. These periodicals are available to you for easy reference during all the working hours within the library. In special circumstances, these can be issued to you with prior permission of Chairman-Library Committee, Director. But all such requests should be strongly recommended by the subject teacher, faculty advisor or faculty coordinator. You are also entitled to refer the CD’s of different magazines, which in special circumstances can be issued by following the same procedure.

Sl. No.

Name of Journals

Subscription Type


PRAMANA- Journal Of Physics

Hard Copy


Resonance-Journals of Science

Hard Copy


Bulletin of Material Science

Hard Copy


Industrial Products Finder

Hard Copy


DESIDOC Journal of Library & Information Science

Hard Copy


Proceedings- Mathematical Science

Hard Copy


Journal of Energy Heat and Mass

Hard Copy


Express Computer

Hard Copy


Modern Machine Tools

Hard Copy


Civil Engineering & Construction Review

Hard Copy


New Building Materials & Construction world

Hard Copy


Indian Foundry Journal

Hard Copy


Power line

Hard Copy


Auto India

Hard Copy


Electrical India

Hard Copy


MGS Architecture

Hard Copy


Hard Copy


Automotive Products Finder

Hard Copy


The Indian Concrete Journal

Hard Copy


The IUP journal of Mechanical Engineering

Hard Copy


The IUP Journal of Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Hard Copy


The IUP Journal of Computer Science

Hard Copy


The IUP Journal of Structural Engineering

Hard Copy


Journal of Indian Road Congress

Hard Copy


Indian Highways

Hard Copy


Highway Research Journal

Hard Copy


Highway Research Record

Hard Copy


IETE Journal of Research

Hard Copy


IETE Technical Review

Hard Copy


IETE Journal of Education

Hard Copy


Indian Journal of Image Processing &Techniques

Hard Copy


Indian Journal of Signal & Image Processing

Hard Copy


Journal of wireless Communication & Simulation

Hard Copy


Indian Journal of advances in computer science tech.

Hard Copy


Indian Journal of Information Security & Computer

Hard Copy


Indian Journal of Modern software Engineering

Hard Copy


Indian Journal of Computer Graphics & Techniques

Hard Copy


Indian Journal of Network & Application

Hard Copy


Indian Journal of Mechanical Engineering & Research

Hard Copy


Indian Journal of Mechanics & Solid

Hard Copy


Indian Journal of Mechanics & thermodynamics

Hard Copy


Indian Journal of Material in civil Engineering

Hard Copy


Indian Journal of Machine Tools & maintenance Engineering

Hard Copy


Indian Journal of Mechotronics

Hard Copy


Indian Journal of Construction Engineering & Technology

Hard Copy


Indian Journal of Advances in Electrical Engineering

Hard Copy


Indian Journal of Embedded Systems in Engineering research

Hard Copy


Current development in Electrical Engineering

Hard Copy


Indian Journal of Chemistry Section - B

Hard Copy


Indian Journal of Engineering &Material Sciences

Hard Copy


Indian Journal of Radio & Space Physics

Hard Copy



Hard Copy


CII Communiqué


Journal of Modern Manufacturing & Technology

Hard Copy


Journal of Software Engineering & Technology

Hard Copy


Journal of Neural Computing System

Hard Copy


Science Reporter

Hard Copy


Electronics For You

Hard Copy


India Today(English)

Hard Copy


India Today(Hindi)

Hard Copy



Hard Copy


Reader’s Digest

Hard Copy



Hard Copy



Hard Copy



Hard Copy


Open Source for You

Hard Copy


Careers 360

Hard Copy


Partiyogita Darpan(Hindi)

Hard Copy


Samanya Gyan Darpan

Hard Copy


Amar Ujala (Safalta )

Hard Copy


Sport Star

Hard Copy


Voice & Data

Hard Copy

1 02 To 04 C++ Programming Today Johnston, Barbara Pearson Edu. 03  
2 011 Digital Design Mano, M. Morris Pearson Edu. 01  
3 043 Design of Machine Elements Spotts, M. F. Pearson Edu. 01  
4 044 To 045 Introduction to Finite Elements in Engineering Chandrupatla, Tirupathi R. Pearson Edu. 02  
5 048 Electrical Engineering : Principles  and Applications Hambley , Allan R. Pearson Edu. 02 Two Vol.
6 107 To 109 & 111 To 112 & 114 To 116 Digital Design Mano, M. Morris Pearson Edu. 08  
7 202 To 203 Electronics Devices and Circuit Theory. Boylestad  , Robert L. Pearson Edu. 02  
8 250 Design of Machine Elements Spotts, M. F. Pearson Edu. 01  
9 261 Electrical Engineering : Principles  and Applications Hambley , Allan R. Pearson Edu. 01  
10 339 To 342 Materials Science and Engineering Balasubramaniam, R. Wiley 04  
11 394 Macromedia Flash 8 : Bible Reinhardt, Robert ; Dowd ,S. Wiley 01  
12 399 Object -Oriented Programming in C++ Shukla ,R. k. Wiley 01  
13 405 CCNA : Network Associate Lammle ,Todd. Wiley 01  
14 525 Physical Chemistry Bhal, Arun S. Chand 01  
15 658 To 659 Electrical Technology Theraja, B. L. S. Chand 01  
16 726 To 727 Engineering Electromagnetics Hayt, W.H. McGraw-Hill 02  
17 951 To 954 Optical Fiber Communication Keiser, Gerd McGraw-Hill 04  
18 1038 To 1043 Numerical Analysis Burden, R. L. Thomson 06  
19 1054 Java Programming and Object- Oriented Johnson, R. A. Thomson 01  
20 1056 To 1057 Linear Algebra Jain, S. K. Thomson 02  
21 1062 To 1064 Guide to Networking Essentials Tomsho, Greg Thomson 03  
22 1068 Mechanics of Materials Gere, James, M. Cengage 01  
23 1071 Introduction to Probability and Statistics Mendenhall, W. Thomson 01  
24 1077 Digital Electronics Bignell, J. W. Thomson 01  
25 1080 8051 Microcontroller Ayala, Kenneth Thomson 01  
26 1251 To 1260 Computer Fundamental Sinha, P. K. BPB Pub. 10  
27 1325 Finite Elements in Engineering Chandrupatla, T. R. PHI 01  
28 1356 To 1357 Neural Network, Fuzzy Logic, and Genetic Algorithms’. Rajasekaran, S. PHI 02  
29 1423 Digital Communication and Signal Processing Vasudevan, K. Universities Press 01  
30 1446 To 1447 Computer Numerical Control Seames, W. S. Cengage 02  
31 1592 To 1600 Electronic Devices and Circuits Theory Boylestad, R. L. Pearson Edu. 09  
32 1868 To 1869 Oracle Log PL/ SQL Gupta, Pranab, K. Das Khanna Pub. 02  
33 1870 To 1871 Computer Based Numerical and Statistical technique Singh, S. B. Khanna Pub. 02  
34 1892 To 1896 Expert Data Structures with C Patel , R. B. Khanna Pub. 05  
35 1900 Visual Basic 6 Bhatia, Mandeep, S. Khanna Pub. 01  
36 1909 Expert Data Structures With C++ Patel, R. B. Khanna Pub 01  
37 1915 To 1916 ASP. Net 2.0 : Black Book Dreamtech, Software, Team Dream Tech. 02  
38 1919 To 1920 Java Server programming J2EEI4 : Black Book Dreamtech, Software ,Team Dream Tech 02  
39 1924 SQL and PL / SQL For Oracle Log : Black Book Deshpande, P. S. Dream Tech 01  
40 1925 Java 6 Programming : Black Book Kogent, Solutions Dream Tech 01  
41 1927 C# 2008Programming. Net.3.5 : Black Book Kogent, Solution Dream Tech 01  
42 2101 & 2103 Digital Electronics : Principles and Applications Tokheim, R. L. TMH 02  
43 2201 To 2204 Engineering Circuits Analysis Hayt, W. H. TMH 04  
44 2232 To 2233 V H D L : Programming by Example Perry, Douglas, L. TMH 02  
45 2283 To2285 Engineering Electromagnetic Hayt, M. H. TMH 03  
46 2347 To2350 Local Area Networks Keiser,  E.Gerd TMH 04  
47 2472 Data base Management Systems Post, Gerald, V. TMH 01  
48 2501 To 2503 Programming In Visual Basic 6.0 Bradley, J. C. TMH 03  
49 2911 To 2912 C ++ : Programming today Johnston, Barbara. Pearson Edu. 02  
50 2941 To 2942 Advanced English Grammar Hewings, Martin Cambridge 02  
51 2968 To 2969 Cambridge Grammar Of English Carter, Ronald Cambridge 02  
52 2970 Better English Pronunciation Connor O, J. D. Cambridge 02 Two Vol.
53 2978 Telephoning In English Naterop, Jean, B. Cambridge 02 Two Vol.
54 2982 Study : Speaking Anderson, Kenneth Cambridge 01  
55 2985 To 2987 English For Science and Engineering Willams, Ivor Cengage 03  
56 3024 Communication Skills Dutt, P. Kiranmai Foundation 01  
57 3026 Writing Fast Programs : Practical Guide Riley, John Viva Books 01  
58 3027 Real English Grammar Lott, Hester Viva Books 01  
59 3061 To 3065 Software Engineering Aggarwal, K. K. New Age 05  
60 3411 To 3412 Object- Oriented Programming In C++ Shukla, Rajesh, K. Wiley 02  
61 3426 Introduction To Information Technology Turban, Efraim Wiley 01  
62 3454 To 3457 Materials Science and Engineering : Introduction Callister, William, D. Wiley 04  
63 3474 Mechatronics : Integrated Mechanical Electronic Systems Ramachandran, K. P. Wiley 01  
64 3481 To 3484 Fundamental Of Thermodynamics Sonntag, R. E. Wiley 04  
65 3507 To 3509 Automatic Control System Kuo, Benjamin, C. Wiley 03  
66 3530 To 3532 Fiber- Optic Communication System Agrawal, Govind , P. Wiley 03  
67 3551 To 3553 Control System Engineering Nise, Norman, S. Wiley 03  
68 3576 To 3577 Auto CAD : 2008 For Engineers and Designers Tickoo, Sham Dreamtech  02  
69 3578 To 3580 Auto CAD : 2009 For Engineers and Designers Tickoo, Sham Dreamtech  03  
70 3581 Java 2 Programming : Black Book Holzner, Steven Dreamtech  01  
71 3582 Java6 Programming : Black Book Holzner, Steven Dreamtech  01  
72 3586 To 3587 C  and Data Structures Deshpande, P. S. Dreamtech  02  
73 3591 SQL and PL / SQL For Oracle10g : Black Book Deshpande, P. S. Dreamtech  01  
74 3592 PERL : Black Book Holzner, Steven Dreamtech  01  
75 3633 C : How To Program Deitel, P. J PHI 01  
76 3890 Using The MCS-51 : Microcontroller Huang, Han- Way Oxford 01  
77 3985 To 3986 Spoken English Sasikumar, V. TMH 02  
78 3992 Basic Communication Skills Dutt, P. Kiranmai Foundation 01  
79 3997 Ship Or Sheep Baker, Ann Cambridge 04 Four Vol.
80 3998 Tree Or Three Baker, Ann Cambridge 03 Three Vol.
81 3999 English Pronunciation In Use Hancock, Mark Cambridge 05 Five  Vol.
82 4000 English Pronunciation In Use : Advance Hewing, Martin Cambridge 06  Six Vol.
83 4063 Guide To Managing and Maintaining Your P. C. Andrews, Jean Thomson 01  
84 4074 To 4075 Java Programming and Object- Oriented Application Development Johnson, Richard, A. Thomson 02  
85 4076 Networking : Guide To Operating System Palmer, Michael Thomson 01  
86 4078 8051 Microcontroller Ayala, Kenneth Thomson 01  
87 4083 To 4085 Visual Basic 2005 By Practice Mostafavi, Mike Thomson 03  
88 4086 To 4090 Expert Systems Giarratano, Joseph Thomson 05  
89 4093 8086 Microprocessor : Programming and Interfacing The P. C Ayala, Kenneth, J. Cengage 01  
90 4097 To 4104 Oracle Log : SQL Casteel, Joan Thomson 08  
91 4106 System Analysis and Design Shelly, Gary, B. Thomson 01  
92 4117 Microprocessor Family : Hardware and Software Principle and Application Antonakos, J. L. Thomson 01  
93 4123 Guide to Networking Essentials Tomsho, Greg Thomson 01  
94 4129 Text Mining Application Programming Konchady, Manu Cengage 01  
95 4132 Computer Numerical Control : Concept and Programming Seames, Warren, S. Cengage 01  
96 4142 Java Programming Advanced Topics Wigglesworth, Joe Thomson 01  
97 4147 Introduction To Six Sigma Evans, James, R. Thomson 01  
98 4162 Doing Data Analysis Carver, Robert, H. Thomson 01  
99 4167 To 4169 Information Technology : Project Management Schwalbe, Kathy Cengage 06 Multi Vol.
100 4190 Programming Language Pragmatics Scott, Michael, L. Elsevier 01  
101 4201 To 4202 Visual Basic 6 : Complete Reference Jerke, Noel TMH 02  
102 4204 Oracle Database 10g : Complete Reference Loney, Kevin TMH 01  
103 4215 Operation Research : Introduction Taha, Hamdy, A. Pearson 01  
104 4243 To 4244 Visual Basic : Projects Dasgupta, Soma BPB Pub. 02  
105 4249 To 4250 Mastering Visual Basic 6 Petroutsas, Evangelos BPB Pub. 02  
106 4252 Java2 : Programming Black Book Holzner, Steven Dreamtech  01  
107 4257 P C Upgrade and Repair : Bible Press, Barry Dreamtech  01  
108 4262 Project 2007 : Bible Marmel, Elaine Wiley 01  
109 4263 Premier : Pro : CS3 Droblas, Adele Wiley 01  
110 4271 Data Warehouse : Lifecycle Toolkit Kimball, Ralph Wiley 01  
111 4275 Principle Of Soft Computing Sivanandam, S. N. Wiley 01  
112 4279 Mastering Maya 8.5 Gibbs, Kundert, J. Wiley 01  
113 4285 Visual Basic Project 2005 Willis, Thearon Wiley 01  
114 4382 HTML / DHTML, JavaScript, Perl Bayross, Ivan BPB Pub. 01  
115 4389 Data Structures Through C Kanetkar, Yashwant BPB Pub. 01  
116 4390 To 4392 Data Structures Through C Kanetkar, Yashwant BPB Pub. 03  
117 4413 Microsoft Office Access 2007 Andersen, Virginia TMH 01  
118 4430 Beginners Guide To C# 2005 With. Net 3.0 Sahoo, Gagan, B. Khanna Pub. 01  
119 4431 To 4434 C++ Program Design Baluja, G. S. Khanna Pub. 04  
120 4435 To 4437 Expert Data Structure With C++ Patel, R. B. Khanna Pub. 03  
121 4456 Computer Based Numerical and Statistical Techniques Kumar, Santosh Pearson 02 Two Vol.
122 4484 Encyclopedia Of Networking Tulloch, Mitch PHI 01  
123 4492 Oracle Developer 2000 Gupta, Pranab, K. Das PHI 01  
124 4493 C ++ : Programming today Johnston, Barbara. PHI 02 Two Vol.
125 4526 To 4529 C ++ : Programming Today Johnston, Barbara. Pearson 04  
126 4534 Operating System : Design and Implementation Tanenbaum, A. S. Pearson 01  
127 4540 Java Certification Mughal, Khalid, A. Pearson 01  
128 4557 CCENT / CCNA, ICND Wendell, Odom, Cisco Pearson 01  
129 4586 SQL Server 2005 : Black Book Dalton, Patrick Dreamtech 01  
130 4593 Network Security For Windows , Unix Chirillo, John Dreamtech 01  
131 4598 ASP. Net 2.0 : Black Book Dreamtech, Software, Team Dreamtech 01  
132 4621 XML and Java : Developing Maruyama, HIroshi Pearson 01  
133 4668 Programming In Visual Basic 6.0 Bradley, Julia, Case TMH 01  
134 4669 Management Information System Laudon, Kenneth, C. Pearson 01  
135 4680 Learning Visual Basic. Net Through Application Crooks, Clayton, E. Firewall 01  
136 4716 Practical Windows Administration Scripting Malik, Bobby Cengage 01  
137 4728 Assembly Language and Computer Architecture Using C++ and Java Reis, Anthony, J.D. Cengage 01  
138 4732 To 4733 Visual Design : Digital Approach Hashimoto, Alan Cengage 02  
139 4738 To 4738 Java Programming Malik , D. S. Cengage 02  
140 4757 Hacking Web Service Shah, Shreeraj Cengage 01  
141 4814 Java For Beginners Farrell, Joyee Cengage 01  
142 4815 To 4816 Java For Beginners Farrell, Joyee Cengage 02  
143 4823 To 4824 Operation Research : Application Winston, Wayhe Cengage 02  
144 4835 Introduction TO UNIX / LINUX Diaz, Christopher Cengage 01  
145 4841 To 4842 Oracle Log : Database Administration Rajan, Claire Cengage 02  
146 4864 To 4865 A+ Guide To Managing and Maintaining Your P C Andrews, Jean Cengage 02  
147 4870 To 4871 Applied Simulation Modeling Seila, Andrew, F Cengage 02  
148 4906 4915 Computer Fundamental Sinha, P. K. Cengage 10  
149 4916 Embedded C Programming and The Atmel AVR Barnett, Richard Cengage 01  
150 4933 To 4934 Adobe Photoshop : CS3 Shelly, Gary, B. Cengage 02  
151 4947 to 4948 PIC Microcontroller : Software and Hardware Huang, Han - Way Cengage 02  
152 4953 To 4954 SQL Server 2005 For Developers Ericsson, Robert Cengage 02  
153 4966 Programming Language Pragmatics Scott, Michael, L. Cengage 01  
154 4978 PC Upgrade and Repair : Block Book Gilster, Ron Dreamtech 01  
155 4984 Java Script : Bible Goodman, Danny Wiley 01  
156 4994 Dreamweaver Cs3 : Bible Lowery, Joseph Wiley 01  
157 5000 Fedora 9 and Red Hot Enterprise : Bible Negus, Christopher Wiley 01  
158 5206 To 5207 Listening & Speaking: Vol- I Sashikumar, V. Foundation 02  
159 5208 To 5209 Listening & Speaking: Vol-II Sashikumar, V. Foundation 02  
160 5212 To 5213 Telephoning In English Naterop, B. Jean. Cambridge 04 Two Vol. Each
161 5214 To 5215 Speaking Effectively: Developing Speaking Skills for Business English Comfort, Jeremy. Cambridge 02  
162 5226 To 5227 English Pronunciation in Use Marks, Jonathan. Cambridge 11 Multi Vol.
163 5452 To 5453 Computer Organization And Design Patterson, David, A. Elsevier 11 Muti Vol.
164 5699 To 5700 Engineering Electromagnetics Hayt, W.H. TMH 02  
165 5871 Expert Data Structure With C++ Patel, R. B. Khanna 01  
166 5900 Visual Basic Projects Sahoo, Gagan Khanna 01  
167 7456 To 7460 Operation Management Heizer, Jay Pearson 05  
168 7752 To 7775 Microprocessor Architecture Program & Application with the 8085 Gaonkar, Ramesh. S. Penram Int. 24  
4. Special Feature Highly qualified, efficient Library staff ensures the best possible information services. Standard textbooks and books by well-known authors are stocked, and every effort is made to obtain all titles recommended by the faculty. Multiple copies of popular books are bought to make them available to as many students as possible. A copier facility is also provided for the benefit of those who access the library. A closed circuit television (CCTV) facility monitors activities across the library area. All library facilities, supported by expert assistance, are available for students and staff from 9:00 AM. to 09:00 PM every day.

All students, faculty members and employees of the institute are eligible for the membership of the library.

Library Automation

The Libsys software is used for Library Automation.

Bar-coding System

All the books are bar-coded in the library & barcode laser scanners are used in the circulation counter for book transaction.

Network Connections

Internet connection through fiber optic. Internet

Library facility/ Service
Digital Library Facility

Library of the institute has a huge collection of textbooks, reference books, periodicals, reports, standards, dissertations etc. Besides this separate digital library, section exists having 10 computers, connected through LAN with the facility of working hour’s internet service. This section has also the facility to access multimedia-based Learning resources And E- journals. All are server based Learning resource covers many core subjects taught as per university curriculum for B. Tech and subjects useful for major projects. This software also includes testing skill for learning. There are 10 PCs available for students in the digital library for accessing the on-line resources- working hours Internet/ Intranet connected library through WI-FI technology. Digital Library here User can be accessed subscribing E-journals viz. DELNET Consortium IESTC in the digital library.

Books Search facility

JBIT Library is equipped with online search units. All PCs have been installed inside the Library for this purpose. By using on line search, you can quickly find out the location and availability of a particular book in the Library. You can search a book online in many ways by selecting different fields in the LIBSYS Software.

    Online searching procedure is very simple and whole procedure is written and pasted, on the notice board in Library. Still if you face any difficulty in the on line search procedure, feel free to contact any Library staff member for help. The following URL is used for searching the books.
    DELNET Facility

    The Central Library is also a member of DELNET (Developing Library Network) DELNET has emerged as a major Resource sharing library network in south Asia with more than 4216 Library as its member. The main Objectives of DELNET are to promote resource sharing among the Member – Libraries by the Collecting, storing and disseminating information and by offering networked service to user. DELNET offers access to more than 80lakh record of books, periodical, article, Video-recording, these.

    Xerox Facility

    JBIT Library provides you this facility for xeroxing certain articles/pages from those magazines, textbooks and journals that are not issued to the students in ordinary case. You can avail the Xeroxing facility in JBIT Library at a reasonable charges. From this session onwards, you are required to fill up the requisition slip meant for this purpose indicating the title of book/Author, name of article and page number i.e. from this page to that page. After filling up the requisition slip, you have to deposit it along with the Xerox charges to Library Staff. After one or two hours you can collect the Xeroxed article from Xerox facility in charge.

    Book Reservation facilities

    Library is also facilitating you to reserve any book, which is already issued to someone. The on line searching procedure is very simple and whole procedure is written and pasted, on the notice board in the Library. Still if you face any difficulty in following the on line reservation procedure, feel free to contact any Library staff member for help.

    Book bank facility

    Book bank facility is available for the first Year students.

    Library Evening Facility

    Library is open for Reading purpose from 09:00 AM to 09:00PM. No Circulation will be done after 04:30PM

    Inter Library Loan Facility

    Under the Inter Library Loan Scheme material not available in our library is procured from other libraries with the help of DELNET.(Developing Library Network ).

    Rules & Regulation of Library
    • Proper College Uniform and Identity Card is mandatory for Entry in the Library.
    • Reader should maintain Silence in the Library and should not disturb to other.
    • The books shall be issued to Student for 15days.
    • The book bank shall be issued to student for Entire Semester.
    • Reference book, rare books shall not be issued, May referred in the Library only.
    • Do not take out many books from Shelves. Take out only required books from the Shelves for your reading.
    • Bring maximum one note book at a time inside the Library. Leave the rest of Your Belongings at the Property Counter outside the Library
    • .
    • Enter the Particulars of the books in the daily issue register at the exit of Library.
    • The Janitor/ Library Attendant at the entrance is Authorized to examine everything that passes into /from the Library.
    • Do not Carry Eatables and Drinkables inside the Library.
    • Refrain your shelf from indulging in any destructive activity that results in damaging the library Property i. e.Books, Furniture etc.
    • Bags, Big handbags, Raincoat, Jerkin and Casual wears are strictly prohibited inside the library.
    • Library users are strictly prohibited from taking the borrowed and stamped books again inside the library.
    • If the due date falls on a holiday for the Library, the next working day will be taken as the due date.
    • If any book is lost, the responsible person shall replace it with a new copy or pay double cost of the recent price and handling charges or as may be decided by the librarian.
    • Any kind of marking, underlining, clipping of books is absolutely forbidden. Readers shall be held responsible for any damage done to the book belonging to the Library and shall be required to replace such book or pay the value thereof.


+91.9368623660, 9368623664, 9368623665