Department of Mechanical Engineering is committed to impart quality education, project guidance, personality development to the students to achieve the best jobs in their life. Basic inputs are also provided in order to build self-confidence to work in industry and to go for higher studies. Department has the SAE Club to our students to explore new world apart from their curriculum. The students are also encouraged to participate in various technical and extra-curricular events.
The department has well qualified and dedicated faculty members to provide proper guidance and good technical support to the students. The laboratories have been very well established not only to cover complete syllabus but to motivate students to learn beyond the syllabus which definitely develops complete knowledge of the subject.
The department of Mechanical Engineering has a vision to become a centre of excellence in the field of Mechanical Engineering. All our faculty members and students are dedicated to achieve this goal with great enthusiasm and good ethical values.
The Department strives to impart quality education keeping in view the global scenario and social obligation. The track record of the department, judged by the employment potential of our students and noteworthy achievements of illustrious alumni, by any stands, is excellent. The department strives for continuous improvement in quality of education through curriculum development and up gradation of laboratories.
The department can boast of very well equipped Heat Engines & Strength of Materials, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Hydraulics & Theory of Machines Laboratories. The department also has a well-equipped workshop that caters to the need of the entire college. The department has laboratory and workshop facilities with modern sophisticated equipment to carry out research in all areas related to Mechanical and Production & Industrial Engineering. The faculty actively participates in sponsored research and consultancy work.

Programs offered with Description

The following programs are offered under the Under Graduate Program

B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering 4 years
Diploma in Mechanical Engineering 3 years


Mechanical Engineering involves many different principles for analysis, Design, manufacturing, and maintenance of mechanical systems. A Mechanical Engineer designs, develops, operates and maintains systems required for the industry whether a power plant, space & nuclear establishment, steel plant, military establishment or automobile industry.
Presently the department is running the following courses under the affiliation with UK Technical University.

Undergraduate: B.Tech course in Mechanical Engineering - 60 intake


Mechanical Engineering course has very wide application and hence subjects are wide ranged. They are divided into thermal, design, manufacturing. In thermal engineering division students are taught the basic of thermal science, applied thermodynamics, refrigeration and air-conditioning, heat & mass transfers, automobile engineering and I.C. engines. In design field subjects which are taught in such a way that the student can innovate a new product or modify the existing product. In manufacturing field subjects are in such a way that a student can become an entrepreneur by opening an small scale industry.

  • B.Tech Ist Year (Common to All B.Tech Courses) (Effective from the session: 2009-2010)
  • B. Tech. (Common to B. Tech. Mechanical Engineering/ProductionEngg./Industrial & Production Engineering)
  • B.Tech Mechanical Engg. Session: 2011-2012-Year: 3rd


The Department of Mechanical Engineering has over laboratories including thermal engineering, heat-transfer, dynamics, metallurgy, metrology, fuels, etc. Modern computing facilities are available for students at the Computer Aided Design and Computer Integrated Manufacturing Laboratories. As per the syllabus of the university, there are almost ten to fifteen experiments allotted to each lab and out of them at least eight experiments to be performed by each student.

Through the experiments performed at the labs, the students get practical knowledge supplementing the learning gathered in the classrooms. The knowledge acquired in the lab eventually equips the students to provide quality service once employed in the industry. In addition to well established Workshop and Conventional Engg. Labs, there are modern Labs like FMS Lab, Mechatronics Lab, EDM Lab, CAD/CAM Lab and R & D Lab in the department.

The Department provides ample laboratory facilities and hands-on training to the Undergraduate students both in the conventional subject as also in the emerging fields of specialization.

The Department is backed by a number of well developed laboratories as mentioned below :-

  • Heat power Engg. Lab
  • I. C. Engine Lab
  • Refrigeration & Air-condition Lab
  • Machine Tools Lab
  • Mechanical Measurements & Control Lab
  • Vibration Lab
  • Tribology & Terotechnology Lab
  • Non-traditional Machining Lab
  • Computer Lab
  • Flexible Manufacturing Systems Lab
  • Composite Materials Lab
  • Solar Power & non-conventional energy Lab
  • Automobile Emission Control Lab
  • Manufacturing Science Lab
  • Non-destructing Testing Lab
  • Quality Engineering & Reliability Lab (under progress)
  • Thermodynamics & Heat Transfer Lab
  • CFD & Heat Transfer Lab

Of these laboratories, Sl. Nos (i) to (viii) serve the purpose of training the students in the conventional and basic course of Mechanical Engineering; while laboratories Sl. Nos. (ix) to (xvi) are organized to provide hands-on training to the students in the emerging field of specialization. Each theoretical course is backed by sufficient laboratory experiments. The undergraduate students of this department may well claim the honour of being trained in the most sophisticated and state-of art laboratories available at the present moment in our country.

The Department is mainly backed by Applied Mechanics Department which caters subjects like, Strength of Materials, Fluid Mechanics, Dynamics of Machinery, Engineering Mechanics & drawing. It is also backed by the Central Workshop facilities for providing hands-on training in the conventional machining and other traditional trades like Smithy, Forging, Welding, Foundry and Pattern Making. A Stream Power Laboratory is also being used for training the departmental students.

The department also takes different theory classes and conducts laboratory experiments for other branches of Engineering viz. Electrical Engineering, Electronics & communication Engineering, Architecture, Computer Science & Technology, Metallurgy and Mining Engineering.


S. NO.NameQualificationExperienceDesignation
(1) Punit Kumar M.Tech, B.Tech 10 Yrs. HOD & Asst. Professor
(2) Ravishankar M.Tech, B.Tech 5 YRS. Asst. Professor
(3) Sumit Kumar M.Tech, B. Tech 5 YR. Asst. Professor
(4) Sumit Arya M.Tech, B.Tech 4 YRS. Asst. Professor
(5) Ravikant Chokkar M.Tech, B.Tech 4 YRS. Asst. Professor
(6) Samar Pudir B.Tech 2 YRS. Asst. Professor
(7) Kashish Mittal M.Tech, B.Tech 3 YRS. Asst. Professor
(8) Harish Bharti M.Tech, B. Tech 2 YRS. Asst. Professor
(9) Vaibhav Gaur M.Tech, B.Tech 2 YRS. Asst. Professor
(10) Paras Sharma M.Tech, B.Tech 2 YRS. Asst. Professor
(11) Ajay Kumar Bharti M.Tech, B. Tech 1 YR. Asst. Professor
(12) Nitin Kumar M.Tech, B. Tech 1 YR. Asst. Professor
(13) Manik Pal M.Tech, B. Tech 1 YR. Asst. Professor
(14) Ajay Dobal M.Tech, B. Tech 1 YR. Asst. Professor
(15) Abhay Chauhan M.Tech, B. Tech 1 YR. Asst. Professor
(16) Abhishek Sharma B. Tech 1 YR. Asst. Professor