Civil Engineering


The college took a plunge into the immensely refreshing and challenging field of Civil Engineering with the setting up of the Civil Engineering Department, right from the genesis of the college. The department ensures not only that the courses are updated, but also that they reflect the current needs of commerce, industry and the society as a whole.

The Department offers B.Tech. Civil Engineering. The academic activities are so planed that Department emphasizes deep understanding of fundamental principles, development of creative ability to handle the challenges of Civil Engineering, and the analytical ability to solve problems which are interdisciplinary in nature.

Programs offered with Description

The following programs are offered under the Under Graduate Program

B. Tech (Civil Engineering) 4 years
Diploma in Civil Engineering 3 years

The Civil Engineering Field is a contingency related career field. Structural and pavement activities, including construction and maintenance of structural facilities and pavement areas; maintaining pavements, railroads, and soil bases; performing erosion control; operating heavy equipment; structural and metal fabricating, construction, and maintenance;engineering specialists; and operations functions. Utilities systems functions such as operation, maintenance, repair, and construction of plumbing, water, and wastewater systems and their components; fuel system maintenance; and pest management.

Presently the department is running the following courses under the affiliation with UK Technical University


The Department has fully equipped state-of-the-art laboratories supervised by experienced faculty members. There are trained technicians to help the students in performing the experiments.

Survey Lab

This laboratory is used to provide intensive practical exposure to the students in the field of survey. To measure the land area, preparation of map, elevation of point, setting out works by practical work.Practical experiments in chaining, compass, plane table, leveling and theodolite will give experience in handling surveying equipments and help in civil engineering career.To be exposed to testing of different materials under the action of various forces and to determine the characteristics experimentally.

Strength of Material Lab

This lab is intended to Learn the properties of different materials like steel, concrete, timber, bricks and other materials.Study the behaviour of different structural elements by conduct of different tests like tension, compression, torsion, impact, shear, bending and hardness tests and develop skill in use of measuring instruments

Concrete and Highway Lab

This laboratory is used to provide intensive practical exposure to the students in the field of construction. To understand and perform various tests on cement, aggregates and concrete. To do tests on cement as per IS codes of practice, To do tests on fine and coarse aggregates according to IS codes of Practice, To do tests on fresh and hardened concrete as pr IS codes of practice.

Soil Mechanics Lab

The aim of this laboratory is to provide the hands on training in determination of Engineering and index properties of soils, applied in field problems. Familiarize the students to do the experiments as per the guidelines of BIS. To provide the knowledge on the use of experimental results pertaining to foundation problems.

Fluid Mechanics Lab

To get exposure about the function of various hydraulic equipments. To learn the aim, working principle, components, function of hydraulic equipments, to get hand-on experience in the operation of hydraulic equipments. To study to take observations while the equipment is in operation, to study to do calculations and to draw characteristic curves, to interpret the results obtained to arrive a conclusion.

Environmental Engineering Lab

The aim of this laboratory to get exposure about water and sewage analysis. To analyze water and sewage volumetrically and using certain equipments, To learn to prepare reagents for each experiment, To get hand-on experience in the operation of equipments like pH meter, TDS meter, turbidity meter, etc.To study to take observations after each titration, To study to do calculations and interpret the results obtained using IS specification for drinking water and waste water (IS 10500-1963 and IS 2490).

Hydraulics & Hydraulic Machines Lab

The hydraulics laboratory is fully equipped with all the facilities and experimental setup through which students are given a very good demonstration to understand various methods of measurement of flow rates, capacity & velocity of water in tanks, closed pipes and open channels.

Building Material Lab

The Building Material Lab is equipped with experimental setup required for study of properties of various building materials.

Transportation Lab

Transportation lab consists of equipment used in the testing of bituminous materials such as viscosity, ductility and plasticity  and  other  devices  for  super-pave  testing  of bitumen and aggregates. There are other devices for mix design by both Superpave and Marshall Methods.

Structure Analysis Lab

The Structural Analysis Lab facilitates in the determination of the  effects  of  loads  on  physical  structures  and  their components. Results of the analysis are used to verify a structure's fitness for use.

Geology Lab

The  Geology  lab  is  used  for  experiments  related  to crystallography and mineralogy. State-of-the-art facilities are also available for experiments on structural geology.


The CAD Lab is equipped with AutoCAD software and is extensively used for design and drawing. The knowledge gained in the lab eventually equips the students to providequality service once employed in the industry.


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