Health Club

Any education that does not teach the subject of your body and consciousness with you and that prevents one from being destructive.Thus adopting this motto JBIT, has provided the facility in its full form of its ‘HEALTH CLUB’. Sports Advisor activates students to remain healthy .Besides it all kinds of sports facility are available for the JBIT students. It is fully fledged with multiple Mechanical devices for body builders.

Fitness Center

Gym is a complete fitness centre that provides facilities for Fitness, Weight Reducing, Weight Gaining, Weight Training, and Executive Fitness Programme.

Health and First Aid

In JBIT we also take care of your health, as a healthy body leads to a healthy mind. Regular exercise enhances the sense of mental well-being along with the general physical health.


Exercises that demand total body involvement improve and maintain fitness most effectively. So we have a well equipped gymnasium available for hostellers and day scholars where they can pump up some iron for their muscles.


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