In keeping with the high standards maintained in all aspects of life at JBIT, the food served here is strictly monitored with a large assortment of dishes on the menu.


Our Mess is set inside a cool modern interior that offers a casual yet stylish dining atmosphere. There are separate dining halls for boys and girls.


The campus has an all- day cafeteria which ensures good refreshments for the students so that they can unwind after a busy day. Food! The mere thought of it makes you go crazy.

In the lap of lush green mountains Cafeteria is the place for all. A sip of ICE-TEA and you will get a different feeling of JBIT. The cafeteria is professionally managed by a special catering company, which is responsible for providing healthy and hygienic meals all the time.


These centers serve excellent meals, snacks and other cuisine in a hygienic, decent and spick and span atmosphere. A dedicated and trained team of chefs, cooks and supporting staff make sure that cleanliness, tasteful variety and perfect timing are matters of priority.


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