Electronics and Communication Engineering


The field of Electronics Engineering encompasses many exciting technologies such as microelectronics, computer systems, mobile communications which have been among the fastest growing and most challenging technologies that enable the development of the modern information-based society. A characteristic of our Department is that we cover electrical, electronic, computer and information engineering all under one roof, which provides tremendous opportunities for cross interaction both in terms of teaching and research.

Programs offered with description

The following programs are offered under the Under Graduate Program

B. Tech (Electronics and Communication Engineering) 4 years

Laboratory:The laboratories of the ECE department are well equipped with modern training facilities that cater to the requirements of the University syllabus and facilitate the learning experience.

Some of the labs are...

Digital Communication Lab

  • Digital Signal Processing Lab
  • CAD Lab
  • PCB Lab
  • Microprocessor Lab
  • Microcontroller Lab
  • Microwave lab
  • Analog Electronics Lab
  • Advanced Simulation Lab
  1. Wired & Wireless Simulation Lab (QUALNET)
  2. RF and Antenna design (FEKO)
  4. NS2/NS3
Advanced Antenna testing and Design Lab.
Communication Lab

This lab gives the concept of analog and digital communication systems. Experiments based on amplitude modulation, frequency modulation, double side band modulation, single side band modulation are performed. Various parameters of receiver like sensitivity, selectivity & fidelity are tested. Experiments of PAM, PWM, PPM, PCM, Delta modulation & adaptive delta modulation are performed.

Advanced digital common training boards are available for performing the experiments based on digital modulation techniques ASK, PSK & FSK and their demodulation using Parity Generator, Error Detection & Correction.

The following equipments are available in this lab:

  • Amplitude Modulation & Demodulation Trainer
  • Frequency Modulation & Demodulation Trainer
  • PAM, PVM, PPM Trainer
  • Sampling & Reconstruction Trainer
  • PCM, Delta Modulation & Adaptive Delta Modulation & De Modulation Traîner
  • Data Formatting & Reformatting Trainer
  • Transmission Line Analysis
  • Antenna Training Systems.
Digital Signal Processing Lab

This lab develops the concept of digital signal processing. Experiments based on the verification of basic and advanced DSP are done in this lab. Advanced DSP STARTER KITS are available for performing the experiments, along with the experimentation on MATLAB, SIMULINK, and its various toolboxes and block sets.

The following equipments are available in this lab:

  • MATLAB and Simulink
  • Signal processing toolbox
  • Communications toolbox.
  • Filter design and analysis tool
  • Window visualization tool
  • Filter Visualization tool
  • DSP starter kits – TMS 320C6713
  • Code Composer Studio 2.21

With the increasing growth in the field of Electronics & Communication there is a need for computer aided design and simulation of various circuits. In the lab, ORCAD 10.0 software is available with 10 user license along with Capture, Optimization, and Layout facility in addition to regular features of the package.


The PCB lab is a unique facility available in the EC department which was developed during 2003-2004 with the area of 120 sq. mtr. The lab has special machines like PCB coating machine, Etching machine, and UV light producer, Baking Owen and drilling to produce single side PCBs. Using these machines students can design PCBs for their projects.

Microprocessor Lab

This lab deals with the concept of 8085 and 8086 instruction set and programming techniques. Experiments of addition, multiplication, arrangements of a string of numbers in ascending orders, 'look-up-table' method for finding the square of a number, sum of a given series of data, copy of a block of data from array 1 to array 2, multiply two BCD numbers, clear memory instruction etc are conducted on 8085 and 8086 kits.

The lab also offers interfacing facilities to control peripherals like stepper motor, traffic lights controller, temperature controller, ADC and DAC and interfacing cards are provided such as 8251, 8253, 8255, 8257, 8259, 8279, 8155 and 61160. The kits and cards available in this lab are: 8085 microprocessor kits. 8086 microprocessor kits and advanced microprocessor kits with LCD display.

Microcontroller Lab

Microcontroller is the single chip device containing CPU and other associated circuitry along with memory. The Microcontroller lab consists of programming and debugging facility with 5 user license along with following tools:
Integrated programming tool (IPT)

  • Visual Program Builder (VPB)C- Cross Compiler and Debugger
  • Virtual Code Generator

The facility of transferring the simulated program into 8051 microcontroller chip is also available with Embedded Driver Routines along with broad board facility for testing of hardware circuits. Some application specific kits are also available for demonstration and learning purposes.

Microwave lab

This lab deals with measurement on microwave benches of x-band (8-12 GHz) and characteristics of Reflex Klystron Tube and Gunn Diode. Experiments based on measurement of frequency and wavelength, VSWR, impedance, radiation pattern insertion loss, directivity, gain and bandwidth of various antennas (Horn, Micro-Strip, Helix & Parabolic) are performed. In addition to this design experiments based on common hardware designs like Rectangular and circular waveguides, Frequency meters, Directional couplers, Micro strip couplers, Phase shifter E etc.

Electronic Circuits Lab

The Laboratory is aesthetically designed with state of the art equipments like Digital Storage Oscilloscopes, cathode ray oscilloscopes etc.

Digital Lab

This lab offers opportunities for students to learn about digital IC's and circuits, Microprocessors etc.


Students work on advanced software like Model SIM, Xilinks to enhance their knowledge on VLSI.

Network Simulation Lab

This lab offers opportunities for students to work on a wide range of advanced software packages that include Keil, Matlab etc.


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