Prospective Students


Education is an adventure. What will you study? What discoveries will you make? The JBIT connects students and faculty to take on the journey together. Advance your degree in an emerging field like nanotechnology or video game design. Unearth new findings in state-of-the-art research facilities. If you're looking to surround yourself with a community of peers and faculty committed to a higher purpose though rigorous academics and real-world experience, JBIT is the place.


A truly well-rounded education goes beyond four walls. As a JBIT student, you’ll be encouraged to exercise your independence and embrace different points of view. Participate in programs that help improve the local and global communities. Get your voice heard by working with one of the many community organizations that partner with the JBIT. Or, expand your horizons further and work with community groups in India, and other places across the globe. With students from all across the India, you’ll be immersed in an inclusive culture that inspires you to be your best.


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