Date:07.09.17:(Process Complete,Offer Letter Released) NOTICE:(3)::Final Result of Open Pool Campus Placement drive organised on 07.09.17.

Congratulations! To All 10 Selected Students from different colleges for their final selection.

  1. Ms.Kiran Bhatt- JB Institute of Technology,Dehradun
  2. Mr.Rahul Mishra- JB Institute of Technology,Dehradun
  3. Mr.Chitransh Pokhriyal- DIT University,Dehradun
  4. Ms.Divya Arora- DIT University,Dehradun
  5. Mr.Vijyont Sharma- DIT University,Dehradun
  6. Mr.Tushar Malik- DIT University,Dehradun
  7. Mr.Jayesh Bhola- DIT University,Dehradun
  8. Mr.Bhawesh Mulani- DIT University,Dehradun
  9. Mr.Ratik Johar-College Of Engineering,Roorkee
  10. Ms.Seema Kapri-Institute of Technology & Management,Dehradun

Mr. Ankush