Date:19.08.17:(Process Completed,Offer Letter Released)NOTICE:(4)::Final Result of Open Pool Campus Placement Drive organized on 19.08.17.

Congratulations! To All 39 Students of B.Tech-Batch-2018 from different colleges for their final selection on 19.08.17

  1. Ms. Kiran Bhatt-JB Institute of Technology,Dehradun
  2. Mr. Debojyoti Saha-JB Institute of Technology,Dehradun
  3. Ms. Sweta Singh-JB Institute of Technology,Dehradun
  4. Mr. Gaurav Sharma-JB Institute of Technology,Dehradun
  5. Mr. Manish Kumar-JB Institute of Technology,Dehradun
  6. Ms. Shubhi Gupta-JB Institute of Technology,Dehradun
  7. Ms. Arpita Pandey-JB Institute of Technology,Dehradun
  8. Mr. Nikhil Priyadarshi-JB Institute of Technology,Dehradun
  9. Mr. Ankit Bijalwan-JB Institute of Technology,Dehradun
  10. Ms. Priyanshi Sharma-JB Institute of Technology,Dehradun
  11. Mr. Shubham Singhal-DIT University,Dehradun
  12. Ms. Garima Prakash-DIT University,Dehradun
  13. Ms. Shivangi Singh-DIT University,Dehradun
  14. Ms. Arti Pant-DIT University,Dehradun
  15. Ms. Pallavi Juyal-DIT University,Dehradun
  16. Ms. Pooja Bhatt-DIT University,Dehradun
  17. Ms. Shubhankshi Dobhal-DIT University,Dehradun
  18. Mr. Akash Rajan-DIT University,Dehradun
  19. Ms. Sukriti Sharma-DIT University,Dehradun
  20. Mr. Chitransh Pokhriyal-DIT University,Dehradun
  21. Mr. Sagar Negi-DIT University,Dehradun
  22. Mr. Rohit Jha-DIT University,Dehradun
  23. Mr. Chinmaya Sharma-DIT University,Dehradun
  24. Ms. Rajni Bora-DIT University,Dehradun
  25. Ms. Pallavi Anand-DIT University,Dehradun
  26. Mr. Rishav Kant-DIT University,Dehradun
  27. Mr. Rahul Chand-DIT University,Dehradun
  28. Mr. Bhanu Tiwari-DIT University,Dehradun
  29. Ms. Yashika Ramola-College of Engineering Roorkee,Roorkee
  30. Ms. Aiswarya Kalra-College of Engineering Roorkee,Roorkee
  31. Ms. Somya Gupta-College of Engineering Roorkee,Roorkee
  32. Ms. Rimzhim Kaushik-College of Engineering Roorkee,Roorkee
  33. Mr. Ashish Harbola-College of Engineering Roorkee,Roorkee
  34. Ms. Sakshi Sharma-College of Engineering Roorkee,Roorkee
  35. Ms. Shivangi-College of Engineering Roorkee,Roorkee
  36. Ms. Nanika Rautela-College of Engineering Roorkee,Roorkee
  37. Ms. Bishisha Ghosh-Kelvin Institute of Technology,Dehradun
  38. Ms. Priya Kohli-Graphic Era University,Dehradun
  39. Mr. Shivam Thapa- Institute of Technology and Management,Dehradun
  40. For Any query/Joining co-ordination etc above selected students may call at:08449199911(Between 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM)

Mr. Ankush